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Episode Description

Farzad Rashidi, Co founder of Respona, joins the show to talk about:

  • The process Farzad went through to calculate customer acquisition costs and find the channel that ultimately led to founding Respona.
  • A brief history of SEO, and a few hacks that founders can apply to grow their business.
  • Tactics for podcasters to grow their own listener base + how Farzad landed an interview on this show.
  • Balancing speed with quality, and when is "too early" to ship your product?

Episode Transcript

Farzad Rashidi

Co founder of Respona

Farzad Rashidi is th‍, the link-building outreach platform that helps businesses increase their organic traffic from Google. He previously ran the marketing efforts at Visme, where he helped the company gain over 18 million active users and pass 3.5M monthly organic traffic.