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The Bridge inspires founders to overcome barriers, build more efficient paths, explore new ideas, and connect with other entrepreneurs on the journey of building a generational company. The Entrepreneur's path can be a lonely one. It doesn't need to be. Take the Bridge.

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On The Bridge podcast, you'll hear real stories from top founders on how to grow a real business like raising seed capital, finding product-market fit, when to pivot, acquiring customers, building a team, and scaling the businesses.

  • Created for and by first time founders
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  • Practical startup advice that you'll actually use.
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What our listeners say

Join 1,000s of other founders on their journeys to build better companies.

The guidance we got from Justin and his experience building Disco helped us sign our first paid pilots and raise our seed round.

Chris Weis Thomasen, CEO of Seasony

The stories on the podcast mirrored so many of the challenges we faced in the early days. Practical advice for any founder building their first company.

Schuyler Brown, Cofounder of strongDM

Love the podcast! We built SoundingBoard while Justin was building Disco so it was cool to hear more about their journey.

Christine Tao, CEO of SoundingBoard

Refreshing to hear an authentic account of what it takes to build a company.  Fun to be a part of Justin's journey and hear the full story.

Kristen Berman, Cofounder of Irrational Labs

No BS about all of the BS that goes into building something great. Love the aSaaSins pod.

Cody Candee, CEO of Bounce

Justin's perspective and guidance on  sales were crucial as we were founding our company. Worth every minute!

Daniel JamesCohen, CEO of Zen

About the host

Justin founded an HR SaaS company, Disco. At Disco he raised over $3M from top venture firms and companies (General Catalyst, Slack), grew revenue to $1M in ARR, and successfuly sold the company to Culture Amp for 8 figures.

Prior to founding his first company, he held sales management, strategy, and quota carrying roles at companies like Gigya (acquired by SAP), Nomi (acquired by Brickstream), and Intuit.

In his career, Justin has closed more than $20M in SaaS ARR.

Justin Vandehey

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Justin was the cofounder of Disco, the first company built on Slack and Microsoft Teams. After growing Disco from $0 to seven figures in ARR (and profitable), he sold the company to Culture Amp, an industry leader in employee engagement solutions.

Justin currently leads partnerships and business development for Culture Amp. He is an advisor for the Alchemist Accelerator and also invests in early stage B2B startups.