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Episode Description

Adam Katz, CEO of Sightly, joins the show to talk about

  • Adam's journey from IC to becoming the CEO at Sightly and leading from the front
  • The evolution of the marketing tech category and generating an authentic brand voice in the era of AI.
  • How Kobe Bryant inspired Sightly's Brand Mentality vision and narrative.
  • Caitlin Clark and the future of the WNBA brand and women's sports.
  • Defining your brand through what you say AND what you do.

Episode Transcript

Adam Katz

CEO of Sightly

Based in New York, Adam Katz is the CEO of Sightly, the leader in real-time marketing and intelligence. Prior to coming on board full-time, Adam spent his first year on Sightly’s advisory board helping develop the go-tomarket strategy. Previously, Adam was the first-to-market Enterprise Executive at Nomi where he helped the company break into the QSR/Retail verticals connecting the online and the offline worlds. He also spent time on the business developmentteams at Pubmatic, a leading Sell Side Platform, and Yahoo! for three years. He received his BA from the University of Maryland in The Scholars Program. Adam is a dynamic leader with a passion for people, coaching, teamwork and sports.