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Episode Description

Navneet Dalal, CEO and Co founder of Matic joins the show to talk about

  • Being an early mover and pioneer in computer vision and deep learning.
  • Moving beyond an interface and a good product to build a lasting, sustainable business.
  • Being acquired by Google, working for Tony Fadell and with the Nest team, and the insight that led to Matic.
  • The "human sensor stack" and how it intersects with the "robot sensor stack", and why Matic started with cleaning the floors.
  • Picking an existing market and the importance of building a "minimum loveable product".

Episode Transcript

Navneet Dalal

CEO and Co founder of Matic

Navneet is the cofounder & CEO of Matic, a startup building CV+ML+AI led truly autonomous robots that save people time & energy. Prior to this, he was the cofounder of Flutter where his team enabled hand gesture detection via built-in webcams in TVs, tablets and phones. Flutter app became number one app on the Mac App Store in 2012 in 72 countries and was picked by Apple in 2012 as one of the best app of the year. It was one of the first CA/AI based edge-device application and a rare computer-vision-based-consumer-software to have 4.8 stars (out of 5) rating. Flutter was acquired by Google in 2013 after Google quantitatively verified that Flutter algorithms beat the algorithms that Google had inside. Inside Google, Navneet was involved with various projects at Google AI and at Nest. At Nest, he led algorithms team for Nest Cams and launched many CV based features with Nest Cam Outdoor, IQs, and Hello doorbell before leaving to start Matic.