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Episode Description

NBA Champion, investor, and hoops analytics guru, Shane Battier joins the pod to talk about

  • The transition from playing alongside Lebron, D Wade, and Chris Bosh to the front office leading analytics for the Miami Heat.
  • "Burning the ships". Shane's decision to go "all-in" on basketball and the parallels to founding a company.
  • The impact that generative AI will have on the business and game of basketball
  • Player ownership and the evolution of player empowerment in professional sports.

Episode Transcript

Shane Battier

2X NBA Champion. Professional Speaker. Investor. Philanthropist.

Over a distinguished NBA and collegiate career, Shane Battier established himself as a scholar-athlete, All-American, leader, and philanthropist. Dubbed the "No-Stats All-Star" by Michael Lewis in a New York Times Sunday Magazine cover story, Shane is regarded as one of the most successful, albeit atypical, basketball players in history for using his leadership, lockdown defense, and intellect to win championships at every level.