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Episode Description

Nora Jones, CEO and Co founder of Jeli, joins the show to talk about

  • How Nora's experience at Jet, Netflix, and Slack led her to founding Jeli.
  • Chaos engineering, quantifying the impact of burnout in an "always on" economy, and the human side of incident management.  
  • Selling Jeli to PagerDuty and the process Nora went through to sell the company (when to bring in outside help)

Episode Transcript

Nora Jones

CEO and Co founder of Jeli

Hailing from senior technical leadership roles at Netflix, Slack, Jet.com, and Alarm.com, Nora is a dedicated and driven software engineer whose most notable mark on the industry is Chaos Engineering. Throughout her research and experience she uncovered the need for a deeper understanding of incidents, and developed a passion for the intersection of software and people. A movement began with her founding the Learning from Incidents (LFI) online community. And the rest is Jeli.