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Episode Description

Andrew Firestone, CEO of Mermaid Chart, joins the show to talk about:

  • The venture studio model and building Mermaid Chart out of Open Core Venture Studio.
  • Stepping into the CEO role at Mermaid and building an open-sourced approach to the diagramming and creator tools industry.
  • Unlocking go-to-market and investing in channels that create accumulating advantages for Mermaid.
  • Lessons learned from raising capital and taking 300 meetings in four months for Mermaid Chart (and eventually closing a round with Sequoia, Microsoft and OCV)

Episode Transcript

Andrew Firestone

CEO of Mermaid Chart

Andrew Firestone is a 3X founder with a passion for building products that people love. He joined Mermaid Chart to help Knut Sveidqvist and team bring to life their vision of creating the best in class open core visual collaboration platform.