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Episode Description

Sam Chaudhary, Co founder and CEO of ClassDojo, joins the show to talk about

  • Where early stage education is falling short, and Sam's experience building the largest community for teachers, parents, and kids to thrive in the educational system.
  • The process Sam and his co founder Liam went through to unlock PM fit for ClassDojo.
  • The jobs left to be solved in education, reflecting on the COVID home school experience, and how ClassDojo is expanding into the Virtual Learning Experience to solve the jobs that the classroom won't (or can't do well).

Episode Transcript

Sam Chaudhary

CEO and Co founder of ClassDojo

Sam Chaudhary is the co-founder and CEO of ClassDojo, a free app that helps teachers encourage students and engage families. Before co-founding ClassDojo, Sam taught while still a student at his own school and then again after finishing his undergraduate studies at Cambridge.  He also worked in McKinsey's global education practice in London, where he worked with the UK government and international NGOs on improving education systems.