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Episode Description

Albert Gozzi, CEO and Co founder of Aleph joins the show to talk about.

  • The insight Albert got from his time in consulting at Bain, specifically the pain in and around FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis), that led him to founding Aleph.
  • How CEOs should be thinking about balancing "relationship building" with VCs vs. building the business.
  • The mentality of company building after closing a Series A, and balancing resource allocation across product development and growth.

Episode Transcript

Albert Gozzi

Co founder and CEO of Aleph

Albert Gozzi is the cofounder and CEO of Aleph, a company's one source of truth for financial data. Aleph makes financial reporting, budgeting and planning 10x better. Before founding Aleph, he was the COO at OpenZeppelin and a management consultant at Bain. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Albert is currently based in NYC. He studied Industrial Engineering at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires and did an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.