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Episode Description

Miguel McKelvey, Co founder of WeWork, Proto, and Nayah joins the show to talk about

  • How Miguel got the inspiration for founding WeWork and how he and Adam approached finding PM fit.
  • The cultural challenges WeWork faced in the early days as the company scaled, and creating WeWork's Culture OS (Operating System) to scale culture.
  • Founding Proto and building a more inclusive brand of footwear.
  • Supporting our elders and building a better community for our aging population with NAYAH.
  • Pick up hoops and the venture that Miguel wishes someone would start!

Episode Transcript

Miguel McKelvey

Co founder of WeWork, Proto, and NAYAH

Miguel McKelvey is the Co founder of Proto Collective, an innovative and inclusive footwear brand, as well as NAYAH, a connective hub for aging in grace. Prior to founding Proto and NAYAH, Miguel was the Co founder and Chief Culture Officer at WeWork.