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Episode Description

Jake Gibson, Co Founder of NerdWallet and Founding Partner at Better Tomorrow Ventures, joins the show to talk about

  • Founding NerdWallet, building a public company, and pioneering in the early days of financial services on the internet.
  • The right time to replace yourself in order to help your company scale.
  • Investing in the future of FinTech, embedded FinTech and rethinking the interface of Financial Services.

Episode Transcript

Jake Gibson

Founding Partner of Better Tomorrow Ventures and Co founder of NerdWallet

Jake Gibson is a founding partner of Better Tomorrow Ventures, an investment firm focused on backing founders building the future of fintech. Prior to founding Better Tomorrow Ventures, Jake co founded NerdWallet, a startup focused on offering price-comparison tools for financial products. Prior to joining the company, Gibson did a long stint at JPMorgan Chase, where he traded derivatives and managed new automated trading technologies.