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Episode Description

Harry Tannenbaum, Co founder of Mill,  joins the show to talk about.

  • Harry's experience at Nest and building products that are really good for that planet.
  • The Mill process of finding PM fit as a hardware startup.
  • Harry's decision to go DTC, "core vs. context", and how he thinks about evaluating BD and partnership collaboration opportunities
  • Lessons learned from Harry as a first time founder and the importance of ideating tactfully.

Episode Transcript

Harry Tannenbaum

Co founder and President

Harry Tannenbaum is the President and co-founder of Mill. Mill has built an entirely new system to prevent waste, starting with food. The company has created a practical and impactful way to take steps at home that are good for your kitchen and our planet. Prior to Mill, Harry led the centralized analytics group and ecommerce business at Nest, the first machine learning thermostat and the leading brand for the connected home. During his time at Nest, Harry helped to scale the business to more than $1B in annual revenue, leading to its acquisition by Google, where he was a director in Google’s hardware organization focused on ecommerce and subscription offerings. Before Nest, Harry briefly worked at an investment bank, before deciding he wanted to work in climate. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCLA