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Episode Description

Mallory Greene, Co founder and CEO of Eirene Cremations, joins the show to talk about

  • "Death tech" and growing up in a family business centered on death.
  • Why death is a great business, and the metrics that matter when raising capital in the Death Tech space
  • Building an "honor based" mindset to servicing the families who have lost loved ones

Episode Transcript

Mallory Greene

Co founder and CEO of Eirene Cremations

Mallory Greene is the CEO of Eirene - an innovative funeral services company based in Toronto. Eirene allows users to make affordable funeral arrangements online — all at their convenience. There's no shopping around, up-selling or in-person consultations required. Eirene aspires to be the go-to option when planning a funeral in Canada. Previously, Mallory was the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Wealthsimple. As part of Wealthsimple’s founding team, she learned what it takes to build a company from the ground up, to rally others around a mission, and to grow a sustainable business.