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Episode Description

Anna Believantseva, COO and Co founder of Esper Bionics joins the show to talk about

- Human augmentation and using bionics and technology to extend our human potential.

- The human technology stack, and the potential of embedded hardware in humans.

- The role of a COO at an early stage startup, B2B2C business model challenges and fundraising for a bionics, robotics, and hardware startup.

Episode Transcript

Anna Believantseva

Co founder and COO of Esper Bionics

Anna Believantseva is the Co-founder and COO at Esper Bionics, an award-winning human augmentation startup that builds robotic limbs and controllers for people with limb differences. Esper Bionics has raised $2 million from NewLab Fund, Alchemist Accelerator, and others. Esper Bionics claims its prosthesis is a smart, self-learning system that can adjust itself based on the user's behavior. The startup has worked with soldiers injured during the Ukrainian-Russian war, providing more than 15 prosthetic hands to Ukrainian soldiers. Anna was recently acknowledged by Forbes as a Forbes 30 Under 30 for her work at Esper.