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Episode Description

Guy Kawasaki, evangelist and author, joins the show to talk about

- From Kalihi Valley to Apple.  The first bridge that Guy took to success that started in the 6th grade.

- What is a product evangelist and how should early stage founders be thinking about evangelism?

- Guy's definition of what it takes to be remarkable (and what it isn't), what it was like working for Steve Jobs, and how Steve Jobs showed him what being Remarkable looked like.

- Guy's Golden Touch, what "golden looks like", and how Guy decides to get involved in the projects he works on.

- The keys to being a successful nonfiction author and when to borrow and/or steal.

- Growth, Grit, and Grace - and his book "Think Remarkable"

Episode Transcript

Guy Kawasaki

Evangelist, Entrepreneur, and Podcaster

Guy is on a mission to make people remarkable. He is the co-author of Think Remarkable, the definitive guide to murdering your mediocrity, and the host of the Remarkable People podcast. He's also the chief evangelist of Canva.